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The popular umbrella in the world opens the convenient mode for you.
2500 years ago, Luban’s wife invented the umbrella according to the appearance of the pavilion. After a long period of 2,500 years, umbrellas have always been an indispensable daily necessities for human life.
Time flies, the years go by, the appearance and function of the umbrella changes quietly. From simple umbrellas to parasols, from oil-paper umbrellas to folding umbrellas and double-layer umbrellas, the family of umbrellas grows with the needs of human life. However, in daily life, wet and wet umbrellas still bring a lot of inconvenience.

Have you ever experienced the wet clothes of a passerby's umbrella? Have you ever experienced the wet shoes by the rain? Are you still struggling to arrange a wet umbrella?
However, since the emergence of a new umbrella with innovative elements, we have solved a lot of troubles for us. Yes, it is a universal umbrella that is popular all over the world!

The unique feature of the reverse umbrella is its special reverse design. Compared with ordinary umbrellas, the reverse umbrella has three advantages, which are the three advantages that make this umbrella look different!
Advantage 1: The reverse design of the umbrella allows the outer surface of the outer surface of the umbrella to be folded together when the umbrella is closed. After the gathering, the appearance of the umbrella is a clean inner layer of umbrella cloth. In this way, whether it is in a crowded subway or bus on a rainy day, when the umbrella touches the clothes of oneself or others, there is no need to worry about the clothes being wet. It’s awkward.
Advantage 2: After folding, the umbrella is fastened with an umbrella, and the rainwater on the umbrella will be tightly wrapped in the inner layer, and will not flow down to the ground along the tip of the umbrella. This will solve the problem of dripping water from the umbrella, and no longer have to worry about the rain on the floor.
Advantage 3: The umbrella adopts self-opening and self-receiving technology, saving time and effort. There is an opening and closing button on the grip of the umbrella. Unlike the ordinary umbrella, the reverse umbrella is used to push the pressure, which is ergonomic. It is more labor-saving than the ordinary automatic umbrella. Ingenious automatic design is convenient for you when getting on and off the bus.
Such an innovative reverse umbrella is not only unique in design, novel in style, but also convenient for our daily life. When the umbrella meets innovation, a convenient life begins. Solve the inconvenience caused by rainy umbrellas in our lives.
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